I may have found the perfect headphones. Maybe.

First things first, this is definitely not a sponsored post but it could be.

So a few weeks ago I was on twitter complaining about my headphone situation. I try and work out on a very regular basis and one thing that I hate is all of the drama I have to deal with in the headphones space.

I can’t stand gym music, so I’ve taken the route of arming myself with some of the best headphones in the game. Well, what I thought would be the best headphones.

I’ve tried Beats, of course. I’ve tried Marleys. I’ve tried Skullcandy’s. I’ve even tried LG’s … I’ve almost tried them all.

Each of them has their good points and each have their bad, and the other day I found myself at an impasse.

Before we get in to that, there are a few things to know about me when I work out. I like my music loud. I go pretty much as hard as The Rock in my hour and a half or so (in my mind at least). And, I sweat like Shaq.

So with that, there are some issues.

One, I just can’t use earbuds because they don’t stay in your ear when you are working your ass off. The stock Apple earbuds and the Skullcandy earbuds and the others tend to not cancel out all of the other noise around you which is a problem for me. There are real reasons for that and it makes sense, but that doesn’t help me out when I am at the gym listening to whatever is coming over the loudspeaker interrupting my Future Hendrix, or I’m on a bench next to some dude who is trying to holler at an Instagram chick. I live in LA, this is the stuff we have to deal with at the gym.

Next, I’m a sweater so it the headphones can’t take on that kind of moisture without peeling all over the place, they are a no go.

So this is where I was complaining about a few weeks ago.

I actually ended up with using the Beats Mixr headphones for probably the last year or so. I figured I’d go with them because they are lightweight, and given that they are designed by DJ’s, they will deliver on two things that I need. The sound will be right and they will be able to take on some moisture as DJ’s tend to sweat like a mutha while they are working.

And to be honest, they work(ed) like a charm. Or, at least for a few months they did.

Then I started having problems. The cones started getting distortion, the audio would go in and out as the cord began to give me problems. The volume control actually popped off once (after I was out of contract of course) and I started to see some real wear from peeling in the outer shell.

All of that was to be expected as I was using them for working out, but I was a little miffed because they claim to be built to withstand the rigors of DJ life and “can take a beating” so says the product manual.

I was looking for new headphone.

Then I mentioned something on twitter and it got some pretty good response. Several OG Wingers weighed in and I got some really good reviews for headphones.

Then a couple of days later, I got a mysterious email from 66 Audio. They wanted to send us a few pairs of headphones that had been getting great reviews and wanted us to give them a shot.

I obliged and the next time I checked the mail at the office, there was a box from 66 Audio welcoming us to the family. Turns out, they are based in LA.


Opening the box, I have to admit that the setup was kind of sexy.

But the most important thing, and kind of the only thing for me really, was how would they perform.

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t even look at the website until recently because I wanted to be able to give my honest all out opinion on the phones after a workout. So, I packed my bag and went to the closest Equinox and tried them out. And you know what, they did a lot better than I thought they would.


First, the headphones come pre charged. I dig that. It got me through a full workout and the Bluetooth monitor on my phone said that it was still fully charged. I’ve since worked out for a week and not had to recharge them once. That’s kind of amazing actually. In looking at the site right now, they claim 400 hours of standby time and 25 hours of continuous play. Impressive.

The headphones are lightweight, they look decent on you and they don’t feel like they are crushing the tops of your ears while you are wearing them. I dig that.

Performance wise, and honestly speaking, I would say that they get the job done. 8 out of 10. But what you have to take in consideration is that I like my volume at just-installed-a-10 inch-subwoofer-with-a-1000-watt-amp-in-my-trunk levels. I’d be curious to see how the big boy headphones that they have perform in that manner. Might be more my speed. But, for regular folks who will probably still have their hearing at 50 years old, they do the job well and good. I was just glad that I couldn’t make out the words of the song playing over the speakers in the gym or the stupid conversation that the dude on the bench talking on the phone was saying.

I just checked out the price point on these and for sixty bucks, that aint bad at all.

Form wise, these headphones are great. Price-wise, I think they hit a good spot. They look good. But while we are here talking about the BTS headphones, I wanted to point out a few things that are actually pretty important as well.

I’m sure they won’t be advertising these things anywhere, but for someone like me, they are hella important.

One, there is a craaaaazy snapchat compatibility situation that I’m sure they didn’t even realize.

One thing you may know as a snapchat user, if you have on corded headphones and want to integrate some music to your snaps, there is a 50/50 chance that the music will play. Actually, it;s more of like a 5% chance when I try to do it, but with a Bluetooth device attached, when you start to record, it immediately stops playing through the Bluetooth device and plays directly through the speakers. That’s dope.

As someone who snaps random ish during workouts with whatever music I have playing as a bad, it’s a dope feature.


Another ting, if you watched the Apple situation yesterday, you know that they are ditching the tradition headphone jack for a cord on their latest iteration of the iphone. Its going to be straight lightning charger thingy or nada. So, you’re going to need some wireless headphones in the future as probably all manufacturers are going to start copying Apple’s latest shift like they always do.

So, I’ve only been using these headphones for a week, but I am all about them. I haven’t even thought about going back in my locker and reaching for the Beats. That’s saying something.

By the way, go ahead and click through to their IG page…you won’t be disappointed with your decision.

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