Footballer retires after losing finger in freak training accident

Footballer retires after losing finger in freak training accident


WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT! This 36-year-old has been forced to hang up his boots after the injury, with doctors unable to reattach his appendage

Injuries go hand-in-hand with football, but it’s rare that an injury will be so severe that it leaves you minus finger.

But that’s exactly what happened to unlucky Finn Harps striker Kevin McHugh, who has been forced to retire after his finger was torn off in a freak training accident.

McHugh, who also works as a coach, lost the finger after getting his wedding ring caught in a fence while jumping over it and doctors have now told him that they cannot repair the injury.

“Its not the way I had planned to say goodbye, but that’s the way it is,” he told the BBC.

“Once my two feet landed on the ground it felt like there was a tug on the ring, I looked down at my hand and I saw there was no finger there.

“I looked at my club mates, Dessie McGlinchy and BJ Banda, and they were sheet white and in shock, so I knew it was bad.

“I had to hop back over the fence and bring BJ round because I needed them to coach the kids.”

The 36-year-old had planned to hang up his boots at the end of the season, having previously played for Derry City and Linfield.

“The ring made a complete and utter mess of the finger, so there was nothing they could do for me,” McHugh added. “I was obviously hugely disappointed. They tried to recover it but it’s gone now.

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