Not what the club expected when they hired him

Fulham chairman Shahid Khan has revealed why the club have decided to sack Claudio Ranieri and replace him with former midfielder Scott Parker.

Ranieri may have only won the Premier League with Leicester in 2016 but he was tasked with saving Fulham this season.

After an appalling start under manager Slaviša Jokanović, the club were under threat of being relegated back to the Championship.

That lead to the decision to bring in Claudio Ranieri, which looked to do the trick initially.

However, Fulham’s recent form has left them extremely likely to be relegated this season.

Ranieri lost five of his last six games, with the Southampton loss Ranieri’s final life.

(Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)

‘Claudio’s tenure at Fulham didn’t produce the outcome we anticipated and needed’

Now, chairman Shahid Khan has given his reasons for sacking the Italian.

He explained that Claudio’s appointment ‘didn’t produce the outcome we anticipated and needed’.

“Following our discussion this afternoon, Claudio Ranieri agreed to my decision that a change was in the best interest of everyone,” he explained in a statement on the Fulham website.

“Claudio’s tenure at Fulham didn’t produce the outcome we anticipated and needed when I appointed him as Manager in November, but be assured he is not solely to blame for the position we are in today.”

The future of Fulham football club

Interestingly Scott Parker was named as Fulham’s caretaker boss.

Judging by Fulham’s statement, there are no plans to appoint a new boss before next season.

It almost even sounds like Khan is resigned to being relegated and wants the club to prepare for life in the Championship.

“I am asking Scott Parker to serve as our Caretaker Manager,” Khan explained.

“Scott’s immediate assignment is merely to help us stabilize, grow and rediscover ourselves as a football club. 

“What’s most important at this moment, however, is to regroup in a smart and deliberate manner that will serve our long-term vision for sustainable success.

“If we’re able to do that and win some matches to make a stand late in the season, all the better.”

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