BBC Sport and Sky Sports come together to send a zero-tolerance message on online hate

Last August, BBC Sport launched the Hate Won’t Win campaign, with the aim of making our social media spaces safer places for everyone.

Since then, we have blocked and reported hundreds of accounts, and hidden or removed thousands of comments that broke our guidelines.

We have now joined forces with Sky Sports to amplify this zero-tolerance stance on online hate and abuse to a combined 86 million followers.

In a video produced by both broadcasters, presenters and pundits including Gary Lineker, Alex Scott, Micah Richards, Gary Neville, Ebony Rainford-Brent and Gabby Logan voice their support for the campaign.

Director of BBC Sport Barbara Slater said: “We are delighted that Sky has joined us in the continuation of Hate Won’t Win to show online abuse is simply unacceptable.

“By partnering with Sky, we hope to spread the message even further that our social media accounts have a zero tolerance policy towards hateful messages.”Sky Sports managing director Rob Webster said: “The collective influence of our two organisations coming together is a powerful moment to drive a change in behaviour online and show that hate won’t win.

“Sky Sports and BBC Sport reach a huge combined audience and our message is loud and clear – enough is enough.”

The following statement outlines BBC Sport’s stance and is published on all our social media channels:

At BBC Sport, we want our platforms to be a respectful place for discussion, constructive criticism, debate and opinion.

We know the vast majority of our followers want that too.

So here’s our stance:

  • We will block people bringing hate to our comments sections;
  • We will report the most serious cases to the relevant authorities;
  • We will work to make our accounts kind and respectful places;
  • We will keep growing our coverage of all sports, and keep covering issues and discussions around equality in sport.

We also want your help.

If you see a reply to BBC Sport posts with an expression of hate on the basis of race, colour, gender, nationality, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, sex, age or class please flag the URL to the post in question by emailing

Together we will strive to make our social media accounts a safe space for everyone.

If we’re on the same team, hate won’t win.

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