Have you done all of your shopping yet?

If not, we threw together some last minute gift ideas that you can pick up this weekend, save the day, and give the soccer lover in your life the perfect gift.

Here are some of our favorite things!

Marshall “Over Ear” Headphones, $199

Monitor embodies the power and strength that is Marshall in a headphone with hi-fi prowess and epic sound. The first-ever over-ear model from Marshall headphones, the Monitor’s slender over-ear construction delivers superior noise isolation without the bulk, staying light on your ears during those late nights working tracks or long days just working.

My favorite ting in the last few years and actually a pair of headphones that I don’t mind recommending. These will make anyone listening to music hear something new in some of their favorite records. I absolutely promise it. If you’ve been listening with Beats for years and think that is what music is supposed to sound like, try these on, you wont be disappointed.


Howler Prints: NO SWEARING $35

For years now, Howler has been telling great stories of the game with the printed word and have an amazing magazine with beautiful images amongst those great stories. Recently, they have gotten into the visual print game and have some very limited and amazing pieces for purchase. You should purchase them. This is one of our favorites.

Stuart Roy Clarke has shot some of the most iconic photographs in English football over the past three decades. This scene was shot in 1990 at the County Ground, Northampton Town’s home until 1994. – Howler

Give the gift of The Terrace Club: Terrace Club Introduction Pack, $50

Give the gift of introducing a friend to The Terrace Club! With this purchase, you can introduce a friend to the Terrace Club with a Terrace Club x Hummel Jacket and a signature Bumpy Pitch scarf for just $50!

OlloClip, $Varies

The OlloClip is one of those things that you never really know that you need it, until you have one and you realize that your pics have been sucking. I still have a 6S Plus, so this is the clip that I am showing you, but rest assured, they have the glass for the 7’s. Once you get one of these, your images will never be the same and your “like” levels will increase. I promise.

Asbury Park: CULT FOOTBALL Shirt $25

Asbury Park Football Club, the only club that matters. Established in 2014. For modern football.

Strong, strong stuff coming from our guys on the Eastern seaboard with Asbury Park. If you have that East Coast style, and you are looking for some gear, Asbury Park is the place to go. This is just an outstanding tee, but they have plenty of other stuff to spend your monies on. You should spend some money with them.

This is a two-parter, but you may only be able to get one part in time. I got the brown water from my brother that took a trip with his wife to the U.K. recently. I haven’t cracked this ting open, but I am counting down the days until I do… spoiler alert, its not making it to Christmas….

GLENKEIR TREASURES is the whiskey.

The other ting is the “whiskey wedge” from Corkcicle, $15

I won this in a secret santa over the weekend. Its already gotten a workout!

Talisman & Co. Caps: Various – Price Varies

We pride ourselves in making a quality cap that looks great on and off the pitch…in the stands, on the street, in the office, at the pub, or wherever you choose to represent your club. – Talisman

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