Rangers' players were left incensed by a comment made to Glenn Kamara by Ondrej Kudela
Rangers’ players were left incensed by a comment made to Glenn Kamara by Ondrej Kudela

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard was left “angry and upset” after midfielder Glen Kamara told him he was racially abused during his side’s Europa League defeat by Slavia Prague.

Slavia’s Ondrej Kudela said something to Kamara while covering his mouth amid a melee in the final stages.

That enraged the Rangers’ players, who confronted Kudela, and Gerrard got involved with his opposite number.

“My player tells me he was racially abused,” Gerrard said.

“And the disappointing thing is that their people are trying to defend their player and calling us liars.

“I feel angry. I know Glen and trust him 100%. The Slavia player has caused this and something needs to happen quickly but that is above me. But whatever happens, I stand next to Glen.

“I don’t even feel like talking about football just now. It’s over to Uefa now and I just hope it doesn’t get pushed under the carpet.”

Gerrard said that he asked Kamara at the side of the pitch if he wanted to continue or walk off.

“He said to me after the game he wasn’t thinking straight,” the Rangers manager explained. “He wanted to carry on, he was obviously very upset.”

After the game, Gerrard was seen speaking with Slavia coach Jindrich Tripisovsky and Uefa delegates as he appeared to seek an explanation.

Asked about what he would like to see Uefa do about the incident, Gerrard said: “I think what I want to happen and what will happen will be different.

“Too much of this is still in the game. A lot of people are working extremely hard to eradicate it from the game. I feel angry and upset myself.”