When we were kids our club teams would have pins. These pins were our currency as we would trade for the pins of other soccer clubs. Typically we would trade with local clubs, but tournaments that featured out of state teams was like hitting the lottery. Those harder to get pins held more value and which meant you would sometimes have to trade multiples pins for that single coveted pins. Pretty much every club soccer kid belonged to this marketplace of trading and collecting pins. I still have many of the pins from those days.

For The Terrace club, we decided that we want to put a collectible item in each box. Something that showed you were a part of the club and that over time would become collectibles. Just like the pins we used to trade.

The first collectible item that will be included in the upcoming Autumn 2016 box is this lapel pin that is inspired by the soleplate of one of our all time favorite soccer boots. It’s an amazing accessory that you can to an outfit that shows your love of the game in a clever and stylish manner. Get yours exclusively in the autumn Terrace Club box.

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